'I can't stress about what didn't happen'

One of the most bizarre and shocking celebrity tales of recent years was the attempted murder of soul-lite singer Joss Stone. Okay, so Joss might occasionally be slightly irritating, but that's no excuse for cold blooded killing. Luckily the perpetrators were caught in the nick of time, but Stone isn't too worried.

Joss told The Daily Mail, 'I’m still fine, if slightly baffled by it. I can’t stress about what didn’t happen. That would seem silly. Every job has positives and negatives and I guess this was one of the negatives that come with mine. I don’t expect life to be perfect. I just try to make it as fun as possible. That’s an option all of us have.'

She continued that the attempt on her life had the benefit of making her consider her home security, saying, 'In that sense it’s been a blessing in disguise. I now lock all my doors and have installed a sophisticated alarm system. But it’s highlighted to me how brilliant the community down here is. Everyone around is like extended family, all of us looking out for each other. I could never live anywhere else.'

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