I can't pay my gas bill, but I can do very good stick drawings

Ever wanted to reply to evil letters from the bank with something other than a pathetically pleading e mail promising to make the minimum payment asap? Then take a leaf out of this guy's book.

David Thorne, (an overdrawn customer clearly out of all feasible repayment ideas) decided to reply to snide letters from a utilities company demanding overdue payment with a drawing of a seven legged spider. Thorne argued (quite reasonably) that he considered his drawing of a spider to be of the same monetary value as his unpaid bill ($233.95) and hoped the artistic gift would 'settle the matter' with immediate effect. Unfortunately it didn't. What followed was a hilarious e mail ping-pong between management and customer about the relative merits of paying off debts using stick drawings.

While it appears from the e mails that the account manager had the last laugh (Thorne was ordered to pay the overdue sum) in a brilliant twist of fate it turned out David had in actual fact slain Goliath. David Thorne's eponymous spider drawing was recently sold on EBay for $10,000. Check out the e mail marathon here.

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