I can save you, Chezza

Anyone who’s ever stumbled home drunk at half three in the morning and switched on the telly in the hope of finding something rude happening on Babestation will be familiar with the work of preposterous life coach Tony Robbins, who has helped a whole host of A-list stars, including Princess ‘Queen of our Hearts’ Diana and Michael Douglas. His greatest works are the bombastic adverts that promote his work, which always include at least one picture of him from back when he was a fat nobody, jumping around in front of rapt crowds and generally being the most American man of all time.

Clearly he is the man to steer Cheryl Tweedy out of her current mess (stinking rich, a pap star, that sort of thing) and ‘friend’ Derek Hough agrees. Hough, who in this article in The Sun looks like a character from a Japanese Manga comic, has been to some of Tony's seminars and is convinced that he can help the poor English Rose rise above the obstacles currently in her path.

‘Cheryl and Derek saw the new TV show, Breakthrough With Tony Robbins, in the States and she asked questions about him,’ said some source ‘close’ to the pair, ‘Derek has been a follower of Tony's for years. He hasn't pushed it, but he has recommended they meet.

‘He pointed out the number of stars Tony has helped plus the fact he's guided him over obstacles in his own life. He thinks Cheryl may benefit from it and she's open to trying it.’

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