'I blame Louis'

Poor fools that we are, we were labouring under the misapprehension that Wagner's exit from XFactor was due to his singular lack of talent, and mangling of the English language. Not a bit of it. It was actually all Louis' fault, and entirely due to the song choice...

Wagner moaned, 'The trouble was Louis gave me fast songs in English so I had tremendous difficulty learning the lyrics. My main language is Portuguese so because of that and the schedule of the show I didn’t have enough time to rehearse and practise. English isn’t my first language, I struggled.’

Wagner singled out Elvis's 'Viva Las Vegas' as the worst song he was forced to sing, It was fast and meaningless. I didn’t want to sing some of the lyrics either: 'I am the devil with love to spare' I don’t like the devil. I don’t like evil. I don’t like what the devil stands for. There were some bad times.’

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