'I am the public'

Liam Gallagher's brand of sullen cool, teamed with his 'John Lennon circa 1970' stylings always won him admirers, who slavishly mimicked his dress sense and mouthiness. So it was no suprise when Liam decided that what the world needed was the opportunity to buy his clobber. The fashion line, named 'Pretty Green', keeps things simple, selling solid Liam-esque items, such as parkas, jeans and shoes.

Interviewed at the weekend to promote the line, Liam told Vogue, 'We're not like all them fashion designers. These are just for lads on the street. I don't like to talk about money - it's vulgar. Even if it didn't make a lot of money, I'd still do it.' When asked if he minded attention from the hoi polloi, Liam responded, 'I find that ridiculous, all that shit. Listen, I don't mind shopping with the public - I am the public.'

And the walrus too, obviously...

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