'I am a moral leader'

Cagefighter Alex Reid has had a productive time of late; not only is he apparently seen (in his eyes) as a moral leader by the children who attend his lessons in 'peaceful' kickboxing, he also went to the zoo...

Alex 'wrote' in a recent Star column that he is viewed with respect and awe by the kids, 'I am seen as a role model to the kids and can teach them morals as well as fighting skills.' We would love to witness an Alex Reid lecture in morals - particularly how the cagefighter justifies finding fame by hitching his wagon to a lady who has found fame by treating herself as a product. Perhaps this comes from the Nietzsche school of philosophy?

Alex also had a busy time at the zoo, 'The best bit was feeding the giraffes, although I leant over too far into the enclosure at one point and one of the giraffes went to kick me. Their keeper said it could have killed me, as their kicks can make your head cave in!'

What a guy...makes Bertrand Russell seem positively dull.

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