Hurt and embarassed

Tales of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sexual frenzy are legion: the man has a big reputation for having extremely busy hands, and recently he’s had to contend with having his longstanding affair with his maid – and their love-child – made public. Now it’s open season on him, so every single indiscretion of his is going to be made public. Very public.

So the latest thing that’s come out about him is a rigorous sexual escapade with former child actor Gigi Goyette (she wasn’t a child at the time – Arnie’s not that perverted), while he was filming Total Recall in 1989. She claims that she also had a ten-year affair with the Governator, and one of her friends claims that she once had to go to the hospital after this particular encounter.

‘She said Arnold was unbelievably frisky and that she had to go to hospital he was so rough,’ said the friend. ‘She was embarrassed turning up with an injury like that.’

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