Hurley hasn't paid for her wedding

Paying the vicarage for a wedding which has recently collapsed amidst rumours of affairs might not be top of Liz Hurley's to-do list, but it might just get some angry parishioners off her back. Hurley is in trouble with the residents of St Mary's Church on the Sudely Estate, as she (gasp) NEVER paid the vicar for her wedding ceremony, which took place four years ago.

An appalled 'senior member' of the church told The Daily Mail, 'Usually, we invoice ­couples. We have never had ­anyone who hasn’t paid before. In this case, though, we didn’t send an invoice. It was all arranged as a ­gentleman’s agreement because the church is on the Sudeley estate. Everyone is absolutely shocked and disgusted that nothing has been paid after all this time.

She harumphed, 'These things are beneath her, I suppose. After it came out in the ­news­papers that they hadn’t paid anything, Liz Hurley’s press ­people said she was going to get kneelers commissioned for the church. But we never got those either. Actually, we wouldn’t have wanted them because the church is very damp — kneelers would just rot. The vicar would never dream of bringing it up with Lady Ashcombe. It would be too ­embarrassing. She probably isn’t even aware the donation has never been forthcoming.’

Come on Liz, cough up!

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