Human ashtray

Amy Winehouse has been seen out and about sporting a rather large cheek of late. Impetigo her people say, a cigarette burn The Sun says. According to the tabloid the swelling is self inflicted because Amy stubbed a fag out on her own cheek.

Amy was in a restaurant ignoring the smoking ban when a waitress asked her to put her cigarette out. The singer ignored the request. The waitress asked again. The third time she was asked Amy did what any smoker without an ashtray to hand would do and stubbed it out on her cheek. She then went casually back to her dinner.

A restaurant source said: 'She hardly flinched because she was so high. The whole place was open-mouthed in horror.' Though presumably not too horrified to get on to The Sun about it after...

So, nasty skin infection or simple case of being too lazy to ask for an ashtray? The smart money would be on....

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