Hugh spotted with 21-year-old burlesque artist

Hugh Grant has been spotted kissing a burlesque artist thirty years his junior, just a day before it was announced that he had become a father.

The About a Boy star was seen dining with German Elisa Schmidt earlier this week in a swanky Berlin restaurant.

Afterwards the two strolled hand-in-hand across the Franzssische Strasse, a well known shopping street.

According to the German newspaper Bild: "They then took a taxi and shared hot kisses in the back seat."

Miss Schmidt is a protégée of record producer Guy Chambers, who has previously worked with stars like Robbie Williams.

The burlesque artist told Bild: "I was in London with Guy to talk about my first album. In the evening we shared a meal and there got to know Hugh Grant.

"Since then we have come to understand one another very well and have become good friends. But there is definitely nothing more than friendship. Now he is in Berlin and invited me to dinner. That is all."

Yesterday 51-year-old Grant flew from Germany to London to visit his daughter. Ex-girlfriend Tinglan Hong gave birth last month following a "fleeting affair".

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