Hugh Jackman gets in an operatic muddle

Something Twitter addicts knew but never admitted has just been proved. That celebrities don't really update their own Twitter pages. Duh!

Hugh Jackman is the celeb to have sent the house of cards tumbling by posting a Tweet in which he muddled up the name of the Sydney Opera House. Jackman Tweeted; "Having lunch on the harbor across from the Opera Center. Loving life!"

Now lots of people have never been there, but most folk (and this definitely includes homegrown Aussies) know that it's not just any old musical 'centre', it's the most famous opera house in the world. Turns out Jackman's marketing team had been updating his Twitter site in tandem with the launch of his new film. When hounded by the Australian press, a repentant Jackman came clean.

"I communicated it over the phone and when that got translated by someone American in my office it came out all wrong. I do know the Opera House is called the Opera House - I think I had my high school leaving assembly at the Opera House when I was 18 so I should know that one."

Twitter being used as a marketing tool and not just as a vehicle to tell the world every time Lance Armstrong/ Hugh Jackman /any other not very interesting celebrity on the planet goes for a poo? Next people will be having babies just so they can update their Facebook profile picture.....

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