Hugh Grant testifies in hacking inquiry

Hugh Grant alleged that tabloid reporters had broken into his home, stolen medical records and menaced his family.

Speaking at the Leveson inquiry, the British actor also suggested that the Mail on Sunday may have hacked his phone to obtain a "wholly untrue" news story about his love life in 2007, when he was dating socialite Jemima Khan.

He said that it was "inconceivable" that the paper had obtained a story about the break-up of the relationship in any other way.

Grant also claimed a paparazzo was "menacing" towards Tinglan Hong, the mother of his child, and said freelance photographers are "increasingly recruited from the criminal class."

There were also dramatic claims regarding the Daily Mail's coverage of his daughter's birth. Grant said that the Mail had adopted a "fishing technique and they didn't want to print the story based solely on the hospital source because that might have been unethical or possibly illegal so they needed a comment from my side and that is why I said nothing".

The Daily Mail issued a statement saying it "unequivocally denies Hugh Grant's allegation that it secured information about the birth of his child from a source at the hospital" which instead came from "a source in his showbusiness circle more than two weeks after the birth".

The inquiry continues.

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