How to announce a celebrity pregnancy

So the news finally broke today that Pink is indeed 'with child'. Which got us thinking about the best ways to announce your bebe joy to the world if you are a celeb. (Civilians, a bottle of Blue Nun and some cupcakes down the local will do.) Slebs, here are the rules:

1) Keep them waiting. Don't let on that the paunch you're flaunting is anything other than the result of a few extra BigMacs, backstage on tour.
2) Flaunt the paunch. Take an unscheduled 'media break' in the Caribbean. Wear a bikini so eyepoppingly small that the snappers will be hopping to all sorts of wild conclusions. Namely one: that you're preggers.
3) Fuel the rumblings by having your people keep schtum. Where they are usually happy to gabber on about your latest movements, they will find themselves mysteriously mute.
4) Tweet vague but meaningful hints about how 'happy you are'. *If American, tweet about being 'blessed.' That'll get tongues wagging.
5) While the world is now in a satisfying tailspin, deny deny deny.
6) As the storm threatens to spill over to the front pages, release a new single or star in a new movie.
7) Finally - and this is only after at least 3 months of solid speculation - confirm your baby joy on either Oprah or Ellen, a la Pink. (Ellen is de rigeur.)
E voila, celebrity bebe news announced!

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