How much Love Island Stars Get Paid?

Love Island is a popular show. It’s so popular that ITV regularly makes around £80 million a year from commercials played during the show. That’s an amazing amount of money when you consider the low-cost nature of reality TV. ITV doesn’t pay prize money to all contestants. Only the most popular couple get anything, and how they share the £50,000 winnings is up to them. Each contestant receives £250 a week to cover bills, rent and utilities while they’re on the show. That’s £44 less than the UK’s minimum wage. But when you consider endorsements and sponsored Instagram posts, the winners pull in hundreds of thousands a month.

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Although there’s no official prize money, there’s plenty of money to be made from the show. The 2019 winner, Amber Gill, landed a deal with online fashion house MissPapp that’s reported to be worth £1 million. Even runner-up Molly-Mae Hague is earning big money from appearing on Love Island. She landed a £500,000 deal with Pretty Little Thing. And what about late arrival Ovie Soko. Ovie managed to sign a six-figure deal with ASOS once the show ended.

Long term endorsements

Research carried out by ThinkMonkey shows the average contestant earns £296,400 per month from sponsored Instagram posts. ThinkMonkey’s numbers suggest that finalists typically earn £17,435 per post. Molly-May Hague’s taken the lead in that area from winner Amber Gill thanks raking in £399,000 during the month ThinkMonkey surveyed, while Amber Gill had to make do with £100,000 less at £297,920 per month. Maura Higgins, an Islander on Season 5 in 2015, earned £296,400 over the same period.

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Why is Instagram so lucrative?

Advertising through Instagram is very cheap for major brands, and when a celebrity like Molly-May Hague has 3.6 million followers, that gives brands access to a lot of potential customers and a defined demographic. Because she has so many followers, Molly-May earns £26,600 for each paid post. That’s how she earns more than the winner Amber Gill, who can only charge £21,280 per post because she only has 2.8 million followers.

Who’s made the most?

According to reports in Fabulous magazine, Alex and Olivia Bowen, who won series two, have made the most money from the show. They’ve made £4.4 million in the past five years. That’s an average of £880,000 per year. They were the Love Island couple to get hitched. They even made money from that - £25,000 from a magazine deal. Amber Gill is second on the list with £2 million in earnings. The third person on the list, Dani Dyer, has earned £1.7 million after winning the show with ex-boyfriend Jack Fincham. She has a spin-off show on ITVBe that keeps her in the limelight, and endorsement deals with Cadbury’s and Lucozade Zero also bring the money. There’s so much money floating around for Love Island contestants that everyone in the top ten all-time earners list has made over £1 million from their time on the island. Only two men feature in the top ten, Kem Cetinay with £1.5 million and Chris Hughes, who’s earned £1.4 million since finishing third in 2017.

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