How Much do Gogglebox Stars Earn per Episode?

A TV show about people watching TV shows is right at home on Channel 4. After all, that's the channel that brought us Big Brother, a TV show about people sitting down a lot and talking which is pretty much what happens on Gogglebox. But Gogglebox has fewer arguments, and its genius is how instantly relatable it is. You can't say the same about any the performers on any other reality show, can you? Who can relate to the idle rich on Made in Chelsea or the feuding couples on Love Island?

    Channel 4

Viewing Figure

Can you believe that 4.5 million of us tune in to watch Gogglebox? It shouldn't be a surprise, but a number like that gets you thinking. Channel 4 make their money from adverts. They get between £10,000 and £20,000 per 30-second advert, and they show around 20 adverts per hour. That means they're making a minimum of £200,000 and a maximum of £400,000 from adverts during each broadcast. Channel 4 also has a major deal with Suzuki to sponsor the show. In 2019, they took their money away from Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway after Ant went off the rails and crashed his car and began to sponsor the hit Channel 4 show instead. No figures are available for that deal, but it's clear from the advert rates they won't be getting this deal cheaply. Where does all that money go when the show's so cheap to film, and the performers aren't exactly household names screaming for big money deals?

How it Works

There was a rumour that you could Email Channel 4 and ask to feature on the show, but you can't apply to get on the show. Channel 4 have to invite you. They have their regularly featured families like Jenny and Lee and The Siddiquis who entertain us each week, and they sprinkle in new couples and families to keep it fresh.

How Much?

When you read reports in tabloids that Sandra Martin earns £100,000 a year, you start to think there's significant money in Gogglebox. There is, but it's not passed onto the performers. She told the Mail on Sunday, "I paid tax on an income of £100,000. In fact, ever since I started doing Gogglebox in 2012, I have earned around £100,000 every year," but very little of that came from Gogglebox. Endorsements and other side-lines created by the attention she got from being on the show gave her that wage.


The families and couples you watch each week over the 15-episode run have to work 12 hours a week as they're filmed across two 6-hour sessions. They have to bring their A-game as their comments are the entertainment on the show, and in exchange for that, they get free food and a fee. The fee is a monthly allowance that's lower than the national average wage. At just £1,500 a month, no one can make a living out of being a Gogglebox star unless they take the attention and earn from it as Sandra Martin does. A takeaway during filming and £31.25 an hour isn't anyone's idea of a great deal but getting to share their opinion and get their faces splashed across primetime TV is enough for the funny families we watch on Gogglebox.

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