How much do celebrities insure their body parts for?

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The majority of people have car insurance, house insurance and possibly life insurance, but most of us would think that purchasing body insurance is a complete waste of money. For some celebrities though this is a necessity or they do it because they simply can.

The Queen of Pop, Madonna, insured her breasts for £1.4 million which seems like a bit much when country star Dolly Parton who is known for her breasts only insured each one for £423,000.

Singers are also known for insuring vocal cords as this is the what their careers are based on. In 2012 Adam Lambert insured his cords for £33 million which is shocking when you realize that legendary singer Bruce Springsteen only insured his for £4.23 million.

Legs are extremely important for many celebs such as Lord of the Dance dancer Michael Flatley who insures his for £28.2 million. Former Victoria Secret model Heidi Klum insured her right leg for £850,000 but her left one for only £710,000 as it has a tiny scar. Mariah Carey’s legs were insured in 2006 for £710 million when her legs were the focal point of Gillette’s Legs of a Goddess campaign. And most recently Taylor Swift had hers insured for £28.2 million. Legs are also vital for footballers so Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid have his insured for £101,000 and Beckham for only £49,000.

Some celebrities are known for their large and beautiful smiles which can also be insured. Julia Roberts has a £21,000 insurance policy on her pearly whites while “Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera actually had hers insured by Aquafresh for £7 million.

Other body parts that have been insured include professional american footballer Troy Polamalu who had his hair insured by shampoo manufacturer Head and Shoulders for £710,000. Gene Simmons from the iconic band Kiss had his tongue insured for the same amount. And James Bond star Daniel Craig decided to have his entire body insured for £6.7 million as he was doing many of his own stunts for the films.

Who knew that a body part could be so valuable?

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