How low can you go?

Now this is a delightful piece of PR cynicism, the likes of which you're never likely to see unless you're lucky enough to work in the meeja.

Sportswear peddlers Franklin & Marshall have managed to raise the hackles of The Sun after trying to cash in on pictures of Danielle Lloyd and her boyfriend Jamie O'Hara leaving hospital with their gear on. Making it worse is the fact that Lloyd almost lost a leg the night before after she fell through a glass table during a fight in a nightclub.

Still, why worry about that when there's cheap PR points to be scored? Just check out this little beauty of a press release and pary for the souls of everyone on our Godforsaken island.

'Poor Danielle Lloyd. After being battered in a nightclub, Danielle can now rest up in the comfort of her Franklin Marshall hoodie.

'Franklin & Marshall is the ultimate in understated American college-inspired casual wear — the perfect recipe for Danielle’s recovery. Why not double up and get an identical tracksuit for your boyfriend a la Danielle and top Tottenham player Jamie O’Hara? Get well soon Danielle.' Dear God, for once we're nodding in agreement with a Sun opinion piece – what have you done Franklin & Marshall?

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