How low can Pammy go?

A couple of weeks back it was reported that 90s pin up Pamela Anderson had been filming a reality show alongside fellow superstar Joe Swash (that bloke from EastEnders – you know, him), showing us all how far she’s fallen from her Barbed Wire heyday. Well now she’s about to sink even lower – she’s going on the Jeremy Kyle show.

According to The Sun, Anderson’s recent financial problems – brought on by blowing £3milllion on a house in Malibu in California – have meant that she’ll do just about anything for a bit of lolly, even doing a show with television’s most mean-spirited, aggressive cynic. The show will consist of her and Jezza, with no studio audience, talking about the biggest scandals in her life, including the sex tape with Tommy Lee and contracting Hepatitis C.

If you want to watch the gaudy spectacle, it will be on ITV1 (Channel 3 in old money) tomorrow morning and entitled Celebrity Scandal. A quick browse of the ITV website doesn’t reveal any more info. Typical.

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