How does he do it?

It never ceases to amaze us how Piers Morgan has managed to become a celebrity. From his lowly beginnings on the fame circuit as The Mirror editor while on Question Time, he has scaled the heights offered to him by talking nonsense about other famous people, often in the most judgemental and outright nasty terms.

From here he has become Simon Cowell Mark II on America's Got Talent, a blustering, verbose Brit who knows how to dish out withering put downs to Johnny Normal and his dreams of stardom, making Yank hearts melt with his cattiness and making himself genuinely famous.

But that’s not all; now he’s taking over from chat show legend Larry King, netting himself a position that will pay him $1.4million for 30 weeks ‘work’ for CNN interviewing other famous people. It’s all right for some isn’t it? ‘Bosses were impressed by the quality of Piers’ interviews,’ said some source or other. We bet we could do better.

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