'How could she do this to me?'

Alex Reid has been left broken-hearted by his split from Katie Price, with only hours and hours of ITV2 documentary footage of their short-lived union to console him. Price has swiftly moved on, picking up an unknown Argentinian model at last week's Oscar bash in LA.

Alex told The Sun, 'I have spent the day crying. How can she do this to me? The bed is still warm.' A friend of the cage-fighter confirmed, 'He is being treated like dirt. She keeps him hanging on, then has the nerve to take another man into the marital home. Alex has said he has never been so angry in his life - even in the ring.'

Katie has vowed to not let her new fella steal any of the limelight, ordering him to stay out of her fly-on-the-wall documentary for Sky Living. Another chatty pal with an axe to grind said, 'She is not going to let Leandro take any of the limelight. He is a stop-gap for her. When she's used him up, she'll toss him in the bin like she did with Alex.'

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