Houstons to star in reality show

Whitney Houston’s family have signed a deal to appear in a new US TV reality show. The grieving relatives will feature in The Houston Family Chronicles, a 10-part series following the family’s activities in the wake of Whitney’s death.

The focus will be on Whitney’s brother Gary and his wife Pat, the singer’s former manager. They are taking care of Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina. The Lifteime Network publicity suggests that this will involve "supporting and guiding Bobbi Kristina as she faces the world alone, without the one person she relied on the most, her mother."

The show was in preparation before Whitney’s death. Pat Houston said, "The unexpected passing certainly affects the direction of the show," which sounds like something of an understatement. It certainly suggests a determined network when a celebrity reality show continues after the death of its only celebrity. "It is my hope that others will be enlightened as they watch our family heal and move forward," Pat said, although the network would probably settle for a large audience of voyeuristic ghouls.

Bobbi Kristina’s father Bobby Brown has been kept out of the loop on this one. His views on reality shows might be coloured by the experience of making Being Bobby Brown, which Whitney described as "a trainwreck".

"I haven't heard about that and I definitely question it," Brown told Billboard. "But I know my daughter will make the right decisions in her life. She was brought up right."

If by "right", he means having a father and a mother addicted to drugs and alcohol, he has a point.

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