Housemates from hell

If you have a life you would have missed the start of Celebrity Big Brother last night (3 Dec) and in case you do here’s the full skinny on which famous faces and wish-they-were-famous-faces became the latest and last ever tenants to star on the reality TV show.

As usual there was speculation pre-arrival about who would be appearing on the Channel 4 show, with impressive names such MC Hammer, Gazza and Pamela Anderson thrown in the mix, but no surprise that these so called ‘big names’ failed to turn up and instead we were left with; a page 3 model, a cross dressing cage fighter, an ex-footballer, a Hollywood madam and a Swedish DJ.

With this series of CBB being the seventh and last series we had all been promised the ‘best yet’ so when the first celeb actor Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects) walked up the stairs and through the front door, there was a genuine excitement that the Channel 4 press release could, well, be right for a change. But when the second flatmate; Page 3 model Nicola T was unveiled it was met with a universal groan of ‘who?’ and we were all brought back down to earth.

Other contestants include; grime artist Lady Sovereign, actress Stephanie Beacham, Ronnie Wood’s ex-girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova, Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss, Jordan's ex-boyfriend Alex Reid, footballer/actor Vinnie Jones, singer Dane Bowers, Swedish Trance DJ Basshunter and 90s R&B singer Sisqó.

So, a mixed bag as per usual. Our money's on Vinnie Jones to win. CBB7 continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and for the next 26 days.

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