Horror Hammers it home

Legendary horror film maker Hammer is back with a new movie. The production company’s new film will be the first in 30 years and will have a modern twist. The film, Beyond the Rave, will not be released traditionally in cinemas; instead, Hammer is teaming up with MySpace to release a set of twenty 4 minute-long ‘webisodes’. 

The film will follow the 24-hour journey of a soldier seeking a night of pure unadulterated pleasure before he gets drafted into Iraq. However in true Hammer style, things turn rather bloody and we are left wondering if the soldier will even make it through the night! We’re scared already!

And who better to star in a film about a keeerrrazy night out than actress, complete caner and Kate Moss’s best-friend… Sadie Frost. Judging by her performance as Lucy in Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula, where she spent most of the film projectile vomiting gallons of blood after being bitten by Dracula (or was it too much red wine?) –it’s going to be a good old gorefest…  

(Image: from Looking Glass’s Flickr stream)

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