Horne started it!

It’s been reported that in vogue double act Horne & Corden have had a big falling out and are no longer on speaking terms. According to The Sun, the pair, who have worked closely together on various odd jobs including Gavin & Stacey haven’t seen each other since the Noughties i.e. 4 weeks. To make matters worse the newspaper has quoted a source to back up the devastating claim:

‘They were being billed as the next Morecambe and Wise, and that sort of thing. It went to their heads. While their success was on the rise they slowly started irritating each other to the point where now they don't speak. They used to be in touch all the time, like best pals are. But they never go out together and just do their own things. They seem sick to death of each other - well Mat certainly seems to be fed up of James.’

There's no word yet on whether the pair will return for a 2nd series of their groundbreaking sketch show Horne & Corden. Fingers crossed they don't.

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