Horne of plenty

Rumour has it, James Corden and Matt Horne had a spectacular falling out after the failure of their BBC3 sketch show, which came after two years of critical adulation for 'Gavin and Stacey'. But it appears that the pair are ready to head back into the fray, with Corden telling The Sun, 'I would work with Mat again in a heartbeat.' Ahhh.

James told The Sun, 'I miss it so much, Smithy, all the characters, writing it and the filming of it. I would love us to do a Christmas special one day. But you just have to find the time to do it correctly in the right manner and have enough time to make it good and shoot it properly. I find it overwhelming that people mention it in the same breath as The Royle Family or The Office, which mean the world to me...I would work with Mat again in a heartbeat.'

On the subject of his friendship with the Beckhams, Corden commented, 'It is exciting - but they are just very nice people. I would never talk about them because it wouldn't be nice for them to read. But in truth the people I get most star struck by are West Ham players, meeting Mark Noble is a big deal for me.'

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