Honey I quaffed the champers

Mariah Carey's been getting a bad rap of late. Two times in as many weeks she's stumbled on stage to accept a gong and two times in as many weeks she's come under the sharp wrath of the world's media for her drunken acceptance speeches.

Well, sorry folks, but Mariah can't help it if she quaffs too much of the scrumptious free champers on offer at awards ceremonies. She said: 'If people don't understand me and they just think I'm this girl that stands by a microphone and sings Hero then they're definitely not gonna get me. But if people knew me they'd understand and have a sense of humor. And basically that's what gets me through life,' before admitting she might have been a wee bit roiled at the People's Choice Awards: 'We'd been sitting there, celebrating the whole time and having little splashes, and I hadn't eaten.'

She also can't help packing herself into dresses which show off her enormous chest but inhibit her ability to walk. Did she mention she had an enormous chest? In fact, all the better for a cringeworthy but compelling acceptance speech. Pop open another bottle of bubbly, Mariah, you're a YouTube star.

(PS, we like her more for this.)

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