Holy cameo, Batman!

BIFF! KAAAPOOWWW! DUNK! You can forget all this modern‘dark’ Batman nonsense, with his emotional complexity and nuance. What you want is slightly podgy man in a campy outfit, with a campy sidekick and campy catchphrases, while the world around him goes off on a kitschy LSD nightmare. For that you need one man and one man only; Adam West.

While Lord West might not be quite young enough anymore to slip into the spandex outfit, he can pop up in other ways, like in an episode of the cartoon Batman: The Brave And The Bold, playing Batman’s dad.

‘Julie Newmar is playing Martha Wayne, and playing Bruce's father Thomas Wayne will be Adam West! I think they're very appropriate parents for Batman,’ shouted some creative at the San Diego Comic-Con International (according to Collider), before realising what he was saying. ‘I should probably not be revealing this.’ Too late.

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