Hollywood strike looks imminent

Shock! Horror! The news from Tinseltown is that – after several rounds of fruitless negotiations – the Writers Guild of America and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers are at loggerheads.

Like the plot of a Robert Altman movie – the big-gun Hollywood producers (the money) are refusing to pay the lowly writers (the talent) what they believe they’re owed. Allegedly. The dispute is ongoing and there’s still time to come to an agreement. But the existing three-year contract runs out on 31 October. And without a settlement, work on movies could grind to a halt. Quite how this will affect the movie-going public, no one seems certain.

Could this be the opportunity all those unsigned, talented screenwriting amateurs out there have been waiting for? Or does it mean we’ll have repeats at the cinema? Who knows?

(Image: from kiwanja’s Flickr stream) 

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