Hollywood say 'no thanks'

There was no stopping Jamie Oliver - first he overhauled school dinners on our benighted shores, then popped off to the US to give them a few lessons on obesity. Next stop was due to be a move to Hollywood to get those LA school kids chomping on humous and carrot sticks. Only one problem - LA schools don't want our favourite telly chef. And have politely told him to bugger off.

According to The Daily Mail, Oliver's attempts at overhauling school dinners in LA were firmly rebuffed. The LA schools chief said, 'Our feeling was that his time would be better spent or invested in other communities,’ In a letter to producers she said ‘While we appreciate your interest in our school meal programme, we believe our direct work with nutrition experts, health advocates, the community, schools and students is the most effective strategy for continued success and improvement.’

Don't worry Jamie - there's still a place for you in cold, rainy Blighty...

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