Holly's Hitler-ious slip up

This Morning's Holly Willoughby got her 'Auntie's Bloomers' moment yesterday, when she accompanied her TV weather forecast with an unfortunate gesture, not normally associated with cuddly morning telly - the Nazi salute.

Holly started off the piece to camera innocently enough, 'We are set, apparently, for a heatwave, according to the force – casters... force casters?' Holly then ploughed on, making the joke, 'May the force be with you!', while simultaneously giving a Nazi salute. An ITV spokesman clarified, 'Holly muddled her film references, mistaking the actions for Superman with a line from Star Wars.'

This is Holly's second TV blunder - the first came when she inadvertantly flashed her boobs on children's show 'Ministry of Mayhem'. Lads mags then predictably came a calling. Let's hope she doesn't get similar attention from right wing fanatics...

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