Hollyoaks Jorgie Porter says she wasn't drunk on late night ITV show Text Santa

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It seems that Jorgie Porter could be top of Santa's naughty list after she appeared to be drunk on an appearance on ITV's Text Santa marathon but she has denied she was worse for wear. She was on the 24 hour charity appeal show hosted by Phillip Schofield when viewers made the mistake of thinking she was quite tipsy.

The Hollyoaks actress came in for criticism after she appeared to be speaking randomly during her time on air. During her appearance, she set eyes on a fundraiser in the studio and proceeded to tell Scholfield that the man was "fit". She also blurted out that a dress being given away came with a "great night out".

Viewers took to Twitter to question the state Porter was in with @KarenYeaahh tweeting "Is @misJORGIEPORTER drunk or what?? #TextSanta24", @SebWhite saying "So @misJORGIEPORTER on #TextSanta24 is definitely drunk. Best. TV. Ever." and @MrCaspera posting "Is Jorgie Porter drunk? She's off her tits on something. "I just have to smell everything" & "this. THIS! This? This.Thisssss" #TextSanta24".

However, a number of people came out in support of the TV star and laughing off suggestions that she was drunk. @MelekTopcu tweeted "People are so critical. @misJORGIEPORTER was in heels at 2am and being that cheery on #TextSanta24 of course she wasn't drunk. #proffesional" and @Smeagolsmith said "#TextSanta24 Laughing at every1 thinking @misJORGIEPORTER is drunk or off her face. She's always like that. Random and hyper. Totally ADHD".

Porter took to Twitter to deny she was drunk and retweeted a number of messages which were supportive of her. She responded to the tweet from @karenYeaahh by saying "“@KarenYeaahh: Is @misJORGIEPORTER drunk or what?? #TextSanta24” nope sorry that's just me x x". Either way, it made for very entertaining TV and help Mr. Schofield get through a substantial portion of his presenting marathon!

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