Hollyoaks dead wood gets the chop

It's a dark day in soap land; a massacre on this scale has not been seen since the Hart and Gates families were cruelly blown up in a gas explosion on Channel 5's lamentable 'Family Affairs'. Let's hope that Calender Girls, Dancing on Ice and Strictly Come Dancing will come to the rescue, as 11, yes 11 Hollyoaks actors are facing the axe.

According to Digital Spy, 'Those on the chopping block include the entire Valentine clan - while Calvin (Ricky Whittle) will be written out towards the end of May at the climax of the ongoing 'Who Shot Calvin?' 'flashforward' storyline.'

And the axeings don't end there...'Kent Riley will exit for pastures new after a decade playing student Zak Ramsay, while Warren Fox's foster brother Spencer Gray will also depart the teen soap at the end of actor Darren Langford's current deal. In addition, time has been called on Stephen Beard's character Archie Carpenter.'

It's almost enough to convince us to start watching...

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