Holed up in Dorset

Ah, we love when Hollywood stars seek solace in our tranquil plains. Like Queen Madonna when she wanted to focus on marriage and kids: she hunkered down in London. Now Courtney Love is following her lead, shacking up in gentle Dorset in a bid to overcome her addictions.

Apparently, the Hole singer is staying at a house in the sleepy county for one week only, during which time she hopes to kick some rather nasty habits. How do we know this? Because she posted a desperate plea on her Facebook page to Marlon - Keith Richard's son, and a clean living guru asking him to come and visit her. The ex Missus C says: 'It's an emergency. I only have the house for a week. Hurry Marlon, I need to pack for UK now. I have PA and minder, need nurses and Dr to kick some nasty s**t.'

Er right. Has she seen Tamara Drew? Dorset might not be quite the 'healing' bolthole she's after....

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