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The Preston and Chantelle celeb juggernaut is back on the road - to the relief of down-market mags across the land. While the Big Brother couple have not officially reunited, a spokesman confirmed that the pair were planning to meet to discuss 'unfinished business'. Which may well translate as 'getting down to it in a Travel-Lodge'

Preston took to Twitter to downplay reports about the union saying, 'Just want to quickly quash the 24 hour love-in rumours... we still haven't had a chance to sit down together. I think my friend A. Source has been getting the wrong end of the stick once again x.' While Mark Thomas, Chantelle's PR man confirmed, 'They haven't had a love-in. Well, not yet, no. But they do want to have some time together. They're definitely talking to each other and coming to terms with their feelings. It's too early to say there's a romance yet, but they've got unfinished business, let's put it that way.'

The spokesman also gave the significant news that, 'She hasn't decided what to do about her boobs yet either.' Er, thanks for that...

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