Hitting the nail on the head

You would have to have been in a cave during a media blackout not to have heard about poor Lindsay Lohan getting sentenced to 90 days in jail yesterday. The Mean Girl delivered an award winning monologue to the judge in which she begged for leniancy. It was, she said, difficult keeping up with her parole due to her celebrity status. She wept convincingly. Then her lawyer gave a Perry Mason-esque closing speech worthy of a sober nod of the head and instant acquittal. Hence Lindsay's astonishment when the judge had the audacity to hand her down a custodial sentence!

But it seems La Lohan had the last laugh, painting a rather cheeky subliminal message to the judge on her fingernail which read, 'f*ck you'. Ok, hardly the last laugh, but a gallant punch while going down...

All in all, we admire Lindsay's resolve. Not only did she chortle in the face of the law, according to the Daily Mail she even managed a costume change, pre and post hearing. If this little movie star isn't transformed into prison kingpin after a day in the slammer, we'll eat our socks.

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