As scoops go, this one is something of a late one. But that hasn’t stopped gossip site 3am from claiming the glory of finding out that Kate Moss and Jamie Hince have got married – way back in August.

The supermodel apparently got hitched in an ‘intimate’ ceremony in Sicily, in which she wore a see-through dress and was generally all like, way bohemian and all that. Still congratulations to the happy couple, even if they’re probably already describing each other as ‘the old ball and chain’ and sick of the site of each other.

‘Kate's had a fairly turbulent love life,’ said a friend. ‘But she's a romantic at heart. The plans were kept very quiet as Kate wanted the day to be low key and purely a celebration of their love.

‘She’s never been one for convention or tradition, but Jamie’s been there for her through thick and thin, and she simply felt the time was right. They planned the day for weeks and were so excited. Kate didn’t want a stuffy, formal do, but something spiritual. Minutes after tying the knot, the giggling newlyweds were outside the church, dancing under trees. It was an incredibly happy day.’

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