His nose was like a toothpick

Michael Jackson always used to say that he had only ever been under the cosmetic surgeon’s knife two times, both for his nose. It was something his mentally loyal fans used to parrot even as his face was morphing from that of a young black man into an old white woman. We all knew he’d been having regular ops, even if his fellow travellers wouldn’t admit it.

However, now we have confirmation from his mother – his own mother – that he was addicted to plastic surgery, and that it left his nose looking ‘like a toothpick’. She would even tell the surgeons to lie and say they had operated on him when they hadn’t. Very sneaky.

‘He had more than two, he was embarrassed,' said Katherine Jackson in an interview with Oprah Winfrey. '(His nose was) like a toothpick at one time - too small.

‘I hear people get addicted to plastic surgery. I had told him, ‘That's enough. Why do you keep going?’ I even talked to the plastic surgeon and said, ‘If he comes and he wants you to work on his nose just tell him you did it and don't change it’.’

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