His name is Rio

The list of stars who want to appear on Coronation Street appears to be growing by the day. Just the other day we reported on how Snopp Dogg was in the process of striking a deal for a guest star appearance on the legendary soap, and now England captain Rio Ferdinand wants to go on alongside him.

You might want to be careful though, Rio, you might have fight off David Beckham, and we all know what a filthy street fighting punk that one is. Much better to take someone less imposing on, like David Platt. No, not THE David Platt of England fame, the fake one in the show.

‘I wouldn't mind getting hold of that David Platt,’ said Rio. ‘He is too naughty. I would come in and be the hard taskmaster and tell him to leave that Tina alone. Then hopefully he would stop picking on people.’

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