Hips don't lie

In the first piece of shocking gossip to emerge from the Royal wedding, it transpires that glossy haired socialite Jemima Khan, a pal of the royals, has been banned from the nuptuals after posting an ill-advised message on Twitter about Kate Middleton's hips.

A source told The Mirror, 'Apparently, Jemima is friendly with the princes and would otherwise have confidently expected an invitation.' The offensive comment was, 'Kate Middleton - those are not heir-bearing hips, are they? Unfeasibly narrow.' Apparently, Khan then retweeted the comment, deleting the 'unfeasibly narrow' part. But wait! It gets more exciting....

Explaining the reasons behind the 'hip' jibe, the socialite said, 'I wasn’t being unkind. Wouldn’t every girl like to have unfeasibly narrow hips? Who wants to be described as having child-bearing ones?'

But the last straw came when some of Jemima's followers reprimanded her for the rogue tweet. A clearly riled Khan hit back with, 'Oh WHATEVVVVER.'

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