Hince and Doherty in battle to win back Kate

Jamie Hince and Pete Doherty have both made moves to try and win back model Kate Moss.

The two acts of romantic intent have come in the form of a video and a physic.

First junkie poet Doherty uploaded a video on YouTube called Gracewastelands of him singing ‘all I know is I love you” to Kate. While according to a friend of middle aged rocker Hince, he’s been seeking fortune telling advice on his stormy relationship to the world’s most expensive clothes horse:

Jamie is re-evaluating a lot of things at the moment. He went to a clairvoyant in LA after a massive drinking session and had to be helped out of the place after he got a bit too tipsy.” Sounds like he could have done just the same 're-evaluating' down the pub.

Gracewastelands' - Pete Doherty ode to Kate Moss (go to 1.30mins in)

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