High street coffee under the spotlight

Finally! Which? has done a survey on our "Big Three" coffee chains (Starbucks, Caffe Nero, Costa Coffee) to check out the quality and price of their coffee.

In its Spilling the Beans investigation, researchers went to 45 coffee shops around the UK - including independent shops - to check the calorie content, price and taste of four products.

Here are the results in brief:

Caffe Nero - Best value and tastiest (kind of a clear winner then?)

Starbucks - Most expensive for a medium cappucino, and winner of the calorie count - a large white chocolate mocha with whipped cream and whole milk contains 628 calories - almost a third of the recommended daily amount for women.

The results also revealed that all coffee chains needed to be clearer about the nutritional value within their products. A medium whole milk mocha coffee differed by around 100 calories in each chain.

So, Caffe Nero and Costa Coffee are really giving Starbucks a run for its money it seems...(and yes, this entire news item was written with the express intention of being able to include an Austin Powers clip below)

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