He's seeing angels instead

It seems Russell Grant just can’t keep himself out of the news these days. If he’s not helping out Britney Spears with some sort of spiritual nonsense then he’s getting his physic backside down to Jordan’s huge country pile, trying to figure out just what this ghostly presence is hanging around her sunbed. And no, it’s not just a very white woman looking to get a tan.

What it is, apparently, is an angel in a white nurse’s uniform, looking out for her seven-year-old son Harvey, who is partially sighted and suffers from autism. Grant also thinks that Jordan subconsciously decided to move into the house because of the ghost. Which would be very weird indeed.

‘I saw a woman in a white nurse's uniform,’ said Grant to The Sun. ‘There is absolutely no doubt to me that she was an angel. I had a dream that night and when I woke up I knew I had got through. This woman was sacked from the building or it was sold. She was being forced out but she didn't want to leave.

‘When she died, she went back to this place she called her heaven. I have no doubt she is not a harmful spirit. She is bringing healing and wants to help look after her son.’

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