He's outta here

We're not sure if it was the creepy-crawlies, the poor rations, or Gillian McKeith that did it, but last night poshie Nigel Havers decided he couldn't take any more time in the jungle.

After grumbling all evening, the actor finally told producers he wanted to walk, and left camp soon after. The final straw seemed to be the Kangaroo Court. As the Guardian (!) reports:

Havers' moment of clarity came during the Kangaroo Court trial, intended to determine which of the contestants would be spending the next few days in jungle prison. After making some unequivocal pronouncements about not 'doing' electric shocks (an intrinsic part of the game) he later confessed to Britt that his wife would surely disown him if she saw him dressed in a silly prison outfit. Lembit meanwhile, clad in unflattering stripes and a preposterous hat, grinned through the bamboo bars of his new home, looking as happy as a panda.

The Guardian speculates that Havers' unlikely buddy Shaun Ryder might walk too...

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