'He's my knight in shining armour'

For the past few months, there have been more than a few hints that the Price/Reid union is on the rocks - they're never in the same country for a start. But according to one who would know (the wife), the marriage is top notch.

Katie told the tabloids, 'We're so happy. He's like my knight in shining armour...Alex accepts me for who I am. It's good, it's still really good. It's still fresh. I got married quite quick but then I married quite quick the first time. You know when it feels right. I really do feel that Alex is the love of my life. I know people will be cynical and say: 'Oh yeah, we've heard that one before.' And yes you have heard that before because I was in love before. But who says you can't fall in love again?' Katie then 'joked' that her husband was 'so busy going off and doing his thing,' and for good measure added 'Alex who?'

In a final dig at her cage-fighting spouse, Katie said, Alex can't offer me anything in the way of money or material possessions...but I don't care about that. I can take care of myself.'

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