'He's having a mid-life crisis'

Jennifer Aniston has been looking very cosy with actor and writer Justin Theroux - cousin of Louis, doncha know - for a couple of months, but friends of Justin have been quick to run to the tabloids to give their two pennies worth.

According to pals, the relationship is destined to end in tragedy and more 'why, oh why can't Jen find a nice man?' headlines. Theroux had been dating actress Heidi Bivens for 14 years before he upped an left, enticed by Aniston. Jealous friends told the tabloids that the new liaison might be due to Justin's age, 'There's talk in Justin's circle that he's having a midlife crisis. Everything seems to be moving at warp speed.'

A pal told The Daily Mail, 'Justin will never marry her. He's not the marrying type - as you can see from the 14-year relationship he was in that didn't end in marriage. He is not the kind of guy to be owned. He totally lied to Heidi and broke her heart. Jen is the complete opposite of Justin. She's all about Malibu and shopping and trying to stay young while Justin is about being an artist.' While Jen's friend sounded a note of optimism, telling the paper that the actress was smitten, 'This is the guy she wants to grow old with. She is head over heels in love with him.' So which version of the facts could be true, then? Mighty confusing.

Hmm, sounds like you've caught a dodgy specimen on the end of your rod, Jen...

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