He's good with people

Jay-Z’s life on the street as a young man is hardly news to anyone: you only have to read any one of a million articles on the man or listen to any of his records to see that he’s got something of a spotty past, to say the least. So it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of his friends aren’t exactly clean themselves.

However, even we were slightly surprised to find out that the Jiggaman has written to a federal judge saying that he will employ convicted drug dealer Emory Jones at the Roc Apparel Group, saying that he has ‘intelligence and interpersonal skills’. However, given that he worked for Jones in the game before he turned rapper, we probably shouldn’t be too shocked.

‘I have known Mr. Jones for 15 years,’ he, or at least someone at his company, wrote. ‘I believe his attributes - including intelligence, interpersonal skills and solid work ethic - will be a significant asset for my organization.

‘I am strongly committed to hiring Emory and working with him as soon as possible. He is an honest and reliable individual; it would be a privilege to offer him an opportunity.’

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