'He's going to wish he'd never hired me'

US X Factor will finally hit our screens in September, after what feels like a life-time of hype, speculation and intrigue. Cheryl Cole is now long gone, with Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger ruling the roost. Paula has given an interview to promote the show, where she kicks off in feisty style, telling Simon that he should be scared of the pair, and their 'fierce' ways. Hmmm, we seem to remember that she called another gal 'fierce' just before she was unceremoniously booted off the show...

Paula told The Sun, 'He's going to wish that he never hired me. Nicole and me are to be feared because we are fierce. We are performers. We understand the spirit and psyche of artists. Everyone has said for all these years, 'You're so kind and nurturing.' Well, guess what? My whole career started behind the scenes - nurturing raw, untrained talent and helping iconic talent continue to soar. I have a background in set design, stage directing and understanding cameras and lighting. Believe it or not, we became really good friends - especially when we talk on the phone.'

She continued, 'It's just that when we get in front of the camera it brings out the worst in both of us. But after nine years of working together, I really got a sense of understanding the complex man that Simon is. And he has had the chance to really understand me. We're both passionate people. We bring experience. We bring stage performance. We bring amazing success as record producers and executives.'

The show, which will give a $2m recording contract to the winner, will air on ITV2 in the UK, from 21st September. We. Can't. Wait.

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