'He's a joke'

Alex Reid and Jordan were jeered and hackled by the knuckle-dragging reprobates who pay to watch cage fighting, giving Jordan ample time to see just how low her standing must be in the public’s affections: if cage fight fans aren’t slavishly wooping an hollering at anything with a pair of tits, then you know they’ve had a bit of a PR blunder somewhere along the way.

The sarky mob were apparently amused and irritated by Alex Reid’s decision to pull out of a fight against Tom ‘Kong’ Watson after picking up a knee injury while filming his ‘Fight of His Life’ reality show for Bravo, and chanted: ‘You never would have beaten him’ and ‘He’s far too good for you!’ But that’s not all; after the fight a crowd of people followed them out to their mini bus and while they were waiting to leave, shouted ‘Alex Reid’s a pr*ck’, which seems a bit harsh, no?

‘He says it was an injury, but you'd usually just go ahead anyway - that's what a fighter does,’ taunted Jack Mason, who has fought Alex previously. ‘You've been training for two months and it would let everyone down to pull out over a silly little injury.’ There’s only one solution for this Alex: go and beat someone up, and regain the respect of a bunch of meatheads.

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