'He's a fool'

Louis Walsh has still not forgiven Simon Cowell for deserting the UK version of X Factor all those months ago. The Irish music mogul has labeled Simon 'a fool' for doing a runner to Hollywood. Though who can blame him? They do have better teeth out in the land of milk and honey. Cheryl's still in LA, beavering away to get famous before the show hits our screens.

Louis told The Daily Mail, 'We’ve got brilliant new judges and he’s going to be so p***ed off that he’s not doing it. Simon’s a fool. This show is going to be much bigger and better than the US version. He left American Idol and it continued to be a huge success. Now he’s gone from the UK X Factor but we are going to show him that it’s not about him - it’s all about the talent. We don’t need Simon. We’ve moved on.'

Who thinks poor old Louis Walsh might be protesting a little too much in the face of likely failure? The new series of X Factor starts on Saturday, with Gary Barlow, Tulisa from N Dubz and Kelly Rowland replacing Chezza, Dazza and Cozza (that's Cheryl Cole, Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell to non-experts). I think we can all agree that the line-up for the UK version is looking a little like a bunch of boring second cousins in comparison to the shiny US version. Hollywood's X Factor also starts in September, so we imagine that the bickering will really commence in earnest in the autumn.

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