He's a celeb... does he have to go in there?

We like a bit of car crash telly as much as the next rubber necking voyeur scumbag, but there are fewer things that make us cringe with discomfort than Paul Gascoigne's recent television appearances.

The site of someone clearly ravaged by alcoholism and depression trying to sound coherent during football coverage was genuinely sad, so while he's apparently doing better than he has been for years, the idea of him on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here isn't one that would fill anyone with joy.

However, he's finally been persuaded by fellow Geordies Ant and Dec to appear on the show, and will be most likely be eating insects with a low-ranking royal and a glamour model.

'I’m feeling great. Everything’s going really well', he said recently, after he revealed that he'd been off the booze for four months and drug-free for 15 months.

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